Boa Offshore

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Customer: Boa Offshore
GS-Hydro solution: GS-Hydro’s Hose Management system GS-Smart Care for BOA Deep C, BOA Sub C, BOA Jarl
Year: 2013
Segment: Offshore

GS-Hydro signed an agreement with Boa Offshore AS for the pilot use of GS-Smart Care. BOA is a family business with long traditions within towing and marine operations. Today BOA operates a diversified fleet of some 30 units consisting of modern tugs, offshore vessels, construction vessels and both flattop- and semi-submersible barges. The agreement with BOA is a joint pilot project where the GS-Smart Care is developed together in order to create the best possible product for Boa’s use.

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BOA Offshore selects GS-Smart Care Hose Management

GS-Hydro’s solution for Boa Deep C

  • The first operations were executed together with Boa’s key personnel at the Bahamas
  • The tagging plan and the coding system for Boa was developed
  • Some 1300 hoses and 63 compensators were registered in GS-Smart Care’s software
  • Damaged hoses were replaced immediately
  • The tagging and data storing operations were executed during a single yard stay
  • The complete hose management and  hose service set-up was established for Boa Offshore

Boa Offshore’s current vessels with GS-Smart Care

  • Boa Deep C OCV
    • 250 t AHC crane
    • equipped for ROV operations
    • towing winches
  • Boa Sub C  OCV
    • 400 t AHC crane
    • equipped for ROVs, carousel onboard
    • towing winches
  • Boa Jarl AHTS
    • Multi Deck Handler 42 t Gantry crane
    • ROV hangar, towing winches

Project details                                   

  • The implementation of GS-Smart Care was initiated with Boa Deep C OCV
  • The procedures and actions needed to run GS-Smart Care were agreed with Boa, also Boa’s key personnel  was trained to use the software
  • The agreed and proven procedures were followed for the next vessels Boa Sub C and Boa Jarl
    • The initial survey, damaged hoses replaced immediately
    • Tagging of hoses and storing the hose data in the GS-Smart Care
    • There will be periodical hose inspections taking place, intervals to be separately agreed with Boa Offshore

Boa Offshore selected GS-Smart Care in order to further enhance its asset management and HSE’s improvement actions. Boa Offshore expects to gain major savings in its hose related asset management when all the major vessels in Boa’s fleet has implemented and taken in use the GS-Smart Care hose management.

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